Natural wooden beads

The beads in our natural wood selection are from a variety of wood types. The beads have been treated lightly with wax and are very smooth. The beads have not been varnished.

The natural colour and the texture of the wood is beautifully visible in individual beads.

Patikan palm

Patikan palmwood is dark and hard, with wonderful stripes in different shades of brown.

Nangka wooden bead

Light Nangka - beautiful yellow Jackfruit tree.

Palm tree wooden beads

Light striped leight weight palmwood.


Greywood - grey pine is a lightish grey wood.


Camagong, Asian Ebony is dark dense, almost black wood.

Robles oak

Dark beautiful oak.

Bayong wooden beads

Bayong is a reddish brown hard wood.

Rose wood

Fine pale pinkish Rosewood.

Other wooden beads

Other natural beads.