Seeds and natural beads

Tagua palm beads shape into a variety of forms and colours. Kukui nuts are light weight and other seeds facinate with their natural look.

Some of the beads are dyed and some are in their natural state.

Tagua palm seeds are shaped into a variety of forms and over 20 colours.

Coconut beads

Small, flat and light weight beads from coconut shell. Fabulous colours and shapes, great as spacer beads.

Buri palm beads

Beads made from the Buri palm seed.

Acai palm beads

Small colourful and versatile Acai seed.

Pambil palm beads

The fabulous Pambil palm seed is a great and colourful bead for many jewellery projects.

Tagua palm seeds

Fantastic Tagua -palm.

Other seeds

Other fun seeds, suitable for jewellery.