Wooden beads

Different coloured and sized wooden beads.

Glass beads

Glass beads in a variety of forms, colours, and textures.

Metal beads

Metal beads - form, sparkle, glow and tiny details.

Seeds and natural beads

Wide range of beads made from different seeds and nuts.

Seed beads

Seed beads - colour and shape.

Felt balls

Felt balls

Felt balls; variety of colours and sizes.

Paper beads

Paper beads from recycled paper.

Ceramic beads

Ceramic beads have a lively surface.

Leather beads

Leather beads, round 18mm and 25mm.

Lava beads

Lava beads - black, smooth moonlike surface.

Shamballa beads

Shamballa - pave beads.

Cashmir beads

Cashmir beads are intricately decorated beads.


Swarovski crystal chatons, rivoli.